Friday, October 15, 2010

Hupomeno - Remain Under

I have recently started a new book entitled "When Life is Hard" by one of my favorite authors, James MacDonald. This past week I got hung up in Chapter two where he referenced James 1:2-4.

In that particular passage, there is a great word that is used two times. It is the Greek word "hupomeno" which literally means "to remain under".

There is little doubt that each of us will face difficulties in life which tests our faith. Our human tendency is to look for coping mechanisms when faced with trials for the weightiness and burden that comes with them can sometimes be overwhelming. The author did a survey of some people in their church and they found that there were four primary human responses to trials. They were; I want to complain! I want to lash out! I want to bail! I want to fold under the pressure!

As I reflected upon these four statements, I realize that I have responded to trials throughout my life with each of those at different times. In fact, there is one that jumps off the page as my natural reaction to trials which is "I want to bail".

While we can all sympathize with one another and our natural human responses, God's desire for us is to "hupomeno" (remain under) the trial so as to grow in our staying power which in turn all us the time needed to grow in real Christ like transformation.

So... whatever your current trial, let me encourage you from God's Word to "remain under" your trial for this testing of your faith we bring about godly transformation if you and I will let it!

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卷曲 (juǎnqǔ) said...

Hi Tim- just surfing around and landed here. I like this posting! When I thought about my reactions to trials (I want to complain! I want to lash out! I want to bail! I want to fold under the pressure!) I decided these are like stages for me - I start by complaining, take it out on others, move onto threats of leaving and finally end up in bed, hoping no one finds me. :) I'm not really suffering in any way, but am a little frustrated with my current situation. This post have really given me something to help put this situation into context. Thanks! Have a great day.... mb