Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little is Much

There is an old saying that states "Little is Much when God is in it." This became very apparent while in the Central African Republic as what we as Americans would deem as so little is so much in the hands of God's people as God works in the C.A.R.

It may be true that a jump rope, soccer ball, mud brick building and rice for lunch on a good day doesn't sound like much to us as Americans, but to the orphans, widows and churches over there it meant the world. To see the sheer joy in the eyes of 50 orphans when we handed out 1 jump rope and 1 soccer ball moved me in ways that can't be described as I thought about how many balls I have sitting in my garage at home.

It was wonderful to realize that our partnership of $4000.00 per school is going to educate, feed and teach the Bible to nearly 50 orphans who have nothing and they are full of joy and pray for us often because of it. We blow $4000.00 on many other "things" here in America that prove far less spiritually profitable than this. Little is definitely much when God is in it. Thanks for giving Grace Church and thanks for making a difference in the lives of these orphans. They are so grateful and I believe God is pleased as well. Let's be praying for them!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Worthy Partnership

Pastor Doug and I are safely back from Africa and have no doubt been changed and challenged for life. It was a wonderful experience that stretched us on many fronts.

One of the blessings of our trip was to witness first hand the impact our partnership is having in the C.A.R. To see the pastor and a local church taking the lead to educate, feed and teach nearly 100 orphans about Christ is incredible and resources well spent on our part. As these kids grow physically, spiritually and mentally they possess the potential to impact their country in years to come as they may well be the next movers and shakers with a Biblical worldview guiding them.

In the pictures above, you will see Pastor Doug and I with Pastor Jeremy who is the pastor of the Bodali Church and Schools we partner with. You will also see pictured Samuel (in white shirt) and Marc (blue shirt and jeans) our two teachers along with some of the very children God is working in. Please be praying for Pastor Jeremy, Samuel and Marc as they minister daily to these orphans.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a week!

Pastor Doug and I have safely made it to Paris after a wonderful and hard week in the Central African Republic. It was a wonderful week of seeing what God is doing in our orphan schools through the Grace church partnership. I am looking forward to sharing more upon our return as the lessons God has taught me far outnumber what can be contained in a few words here. So enjoy the pics and be ready to hear more upon our return.

Please be praying for our continued safety and health. We still have many miles to go and both of us are still sick from our time in the C.A.R.

Ok... Here is the deal, I am struggling to download my pictures from my iPad into my blog, so I am guessing I better get with the times and get a facebook account to better communicate in a more timely fashion.

Love and appreciate you Grace Church family. Your prayers for us have meant the world to us. See you soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Paris

It is Wednesday morning here in Paris while everyone back home is sleeping. We are getting ready to take the last leg of our flight into Bangui after two great flights already. Thanks to all within the Grace Church family who have been and are praying. Will attempt to keep everyone updated when we can. Pastor Doug has been updating his facebook as well if you want to follow along.

We should arrive in Banguj around 5 PM our time (11:00 AM) for you. We are praying for a good nights sleep for we head up country first thing tomorrow morning to visit our two schools in Bossangoa. We are truly honored to be representing the Grace Church family with our brothers and sisters in Christ half way around the world. Can't wait to share more.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Central African Republic... Here comes Grace Church

On Tuesday, Pastor Doug and I leave for the Central African Republic. It is a missionary journey we have been preparing months for and the time has come for our soon departure. As we prepare to go, there are many people who have made this opportunity possible. Many have given sacrificially to financially support this endeavor. Families and individuals alike have been praying hard for God's will to be accomplished on this trip. Medical visits to get shots and medications to prepare our bodies have been taken. Visa's have been granted and are now in our Passports. Our hearts are open to God and the lessons He wants to teach us and have us bring back to the church family.

It is my desire to spend some time blogging while away in order to update the church family on God's activity during our trip. Due to where we will be, there is no guarantee that regular updates will make it through, but check back often as we are desirous to keep you informed and praying throughout our journey.

It is also my heart's desire to know that we have a church family praying hard for us as we go. Please be praying for the following items as we take this trip;

First, please pray that God would use this experience to draw us closer to His heart as we see His Sovereign hand at work half way around the world.

Secondly, please pray that God would give us a deeper love for the orphans and widows. This James tells us is pure religion both here and abroad.

Thirdly, please pray for our families as we leave them for 12 days. Pray that God would give them His peace which passes all understanding while we are apart.

Fourthly, please pray for all of our travel arrangements both to and from the C.A.R. work well. There are some narrow windows we need to make and it would be wonderful to have all of our luggage make it as well.

Finally, please pray that God would give us the wisdom needed to bring back the lessons He desires to have us as the Grace Church family learn.

We love and appreciate you Grace Church and are honored to be representing you and your generosity to those with so little. May our Lord continue to bless this partnership with our brothers and sisters in the C.A.R.