Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The beginning of En Route (on the way)!

Welcome to my blog! As I begin my experience into the world of blogging, I do so with great excitement. It's taken me a while to come to a place whereby I wanted to do this, but I believe now is the time. This journey into blogging stems from my personal desire to accomplish a few things through this particular communication tool.

First, I am desirous to begin the process of putting my own personal journey with Christ into a written format. As I think upon the frequent lessons God continues to teach me along the way (En Route), I want to be able to reflect upon my personal writings to see the faithful, loving and teaching hand of my heavenly Father within the activity of my life. I'm also desirous to continue communicating my personal spiritual journey to my growing children through this particular mode.

Secondly, I feel that part of my role as a pastor (shepherd) is to provide a means whereby I can encourage other's in their walk with Christ. I've found that the lessons God is teaching me are often the same lessons others need or can relate to. We are not called to follow Christ alone, but rather to do it in community. Thus, if I can build up, encourage and stimulate other's in their spiritual journey through a blog, then this will be worth it.

Finally, I sense that blogging is yet another opportunity to communicate and share ideas with others to better equip us as Christ followers in our pursuit to serve Jesus well. If blogging can help connect me with others, then this too is an added benefit to putting my thoughts into writing.

In case you are wondering where I came up with the name of my blog, come back shortly to see how my Canadian background has influenced this decision.

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