Thursday, January 27, 2011


Spring boarding off of my latest post, I want to look at another word that Maxwell referenced and is carrying some significance at present. It currently carries some significance because the Grace team is looking to spend some time next week doing some beginning stages of strategic planning.

Maxwell defined it this way, "Being intentional means that you think on the front end and reflect on the back end." It is far too easy in life to find yourself behind the eight ball and living a very reactionary lifestyle. This is very true organizational as well. For a season, this type of organizational living might seem exciting, but it eventually catches up and can lead to significant challenges. Taking the time to intentional dream big, plan big and resource big to accomplish God's purposes is crucial and provides a greater opportunity for long term success. I also believe it is equally important to take time to reflect. We always state that hindsight is 20/20 as it is important to take time to pause and evaluate that which was pursued with great intentionality in order to grow and improve off of what was learned.

I would agree that any personal life or organization needs to be flexible and go with God's leading as that is very important, but so too is intentionality. Intentionality doesn't speak to a lack of faith but rather God sized faith to dream and plan big in partnership to God's movement in a life and/or organization for long term stability, productivity and success.

I would suggest that a life lived without intentionality is a life that is not going to be as productive in the long term for God. Having a clear picture of where He wants you to go and how He wants you to get there can lead to great results as long as we keep HIM as part of the entire journey.

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