Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little is Much

There is an old saying that states "Little is Much when God is in it." This became very apparent while in the Central African Republic as what we as Americans would deem as so little is so much in the hands of God's people as God works in the C.A.R.

It may be true that a jump rope, soccer ball, mud brick building and rice for lunch on a good day doesn't sound like much to us as Americans, but to the orphans, widows and churches over there it meant the world. To see the sheer joy in the eyes of 50 orphans when we handed out 1 jump rope and 1 soccer ball moved me in ways that can't be described as I thought about how many balls I have sitting in my garage at home.

It was wonderful to realize that our partnership of $4000.00 per school is going to educate, feed and teach the Bible to nearly 50 orphans who have nothing and they are full of joy and pray for us often because of it. We blow $4000.00 on many other "things" here in America that prove far less spiritually profitable than this. Little is definitely much when God is in it. Thanks for giving Grace Church and thanks for making a difference in the lives of these orphans. They are so grateful and I believe God is pleased as well. Let's be praying for them!

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