Friday, March 4, 2011

A Special Song

While in Africa, we had the opportunity to visit a number of orphan schools and were blessed many times with some wonderful singing. At one school, the orphans sang a song for us that moved me greatly.

They sang a song that they had made up that was firmly rooted in Scriptures like James 1:27a which states; "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..." As these young children sang out to the Lord, their words spoke of the heartache they've all lived through with the loss of their parents which was very sad. But, their words were also words that gave thanks for the wonderful truth that they have a Father in Heaven who now cares for them and loves them. They sang it with absolute conviction and confidence that their Heavenly Father would meet their every need acknowledging that currently it was through our partnerships with them.

I could not help but sit in the midst of the greatest poverty I've ever seen and think to myself; This is some of the most pure religion I've ever experienced as these children simply express with heartfelt thanksgiving what is going on as they live life with a childlike faith in their Heavenly Father.
Much for us adults to learn from a group of children whose young faith exhibits such a confidence in their Father in Heaven...


Miawa said...

"Hope" is never more evident than in children. Hope and Faith, Amen

Carla said...

I've spent some time in a few African countries and have had the great blessing of hearing the beautiful songs of these children. What a great tradition to welcome visitors with! Each time I was in Africa I was also astonished at how hopeful these people in the midst of poverty are. Sometimes I wonder if all the blessings and privilege of our lives hinders our faith. We seem to put faith in technology, careers, or the economy instead of living in Christ's joy and knowing He will provide for us. These little orphans certainly can teach us a lot. Thanks so much for the post!