Friday, September 23, 2011

Approaching a Throne with Confidence

Tomorrow evening, I have the privilege of speaking to the International Fellowship at the MET Bible Church in Ottawa, ON.  When they approached me to speak, they asked that I consider following their theme of "God's grace and mercy."  As I thought on this, I could not help but feel a bit overwhelmed in that this theme runs richly throughout the entirety of Scripture.  But, yesterday I found clarity and determined to speak briefly from Hebrews 4:14-16.  What a beautiful passage of Scripture that speaks powerfully to we who are in Christ and the privilege we have to daily live as recipients of His grace and mercy.

Few quick thoughts from this passage...

First, we can approach the very throne of King Jesus with confidence.  This is highly contradictory to the invitations extended by most earthly kings.  Yet, for those who have trusted Jesus (our heavenly King) to save us from our sin, we have this incredible invitation to approach His throne with confidence because we are a part of the family of God and have redeemed by the blood of Jesus our High Priest. 

Secondly, as we approach the throne we find a King/High Priest who is sympathetic.  As humans, we all long to have people understand and feel our hurts and heartaches with us.  The Bible teaches us that we find a sympathetic High Priest who understands completely the sometimes painful and hard journey we all face on earth.  How good it is to know there is one who understands the deepest feelings and longings of our heart.

Finally, it is good to know that as we approach this throne with confidence we find not only one who understands, but one who has the power to help us in our times of need.  This throne we approach is one of grace, mercy and power.  What a wonderful combination!!!

So, when I think about God's grace and mercy my mind often goes to this Hebrews passage as the very throne of God is a throne of grace where daily I can go with confidence as one of His followers to receive what is needed to navigate this life in Him and for Him.

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