Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Morning Ramble

It's Monday morning, I'm on my first cup of coffee and I'm in the mood to ramble on about a few firsts I experienced over the past few days.

Today is the first day (this month) that I really wish I had a Tim Hortons to go to this morning for a coffee and a bagel.

Saturday was the first day I became a father to a 12 year old. Time is marching on!

I ate breakfast at the Lyndon diner for the first time on Friday. Enjoyed the Irish special and the company of my wife and good friends.

Made my first trip to the Apple store at the mall this weekend. I may enjoy going to the mall yet in life.

Penn State lost their first game of the year to Iowa. I guess there will be no trip to Florida this year.

For the first time we are having basketball shoes shipped to our house by FootLocker because they didn't have my son's size in stock. I did not know they could/would do this for free.

I'm not a guy who loves all the technological gadgets of the day, but I may have fallen for the first time for something called the i touch that my son got for his birthday. It is really cool!

On Sunday my dog ran into the corn field behind my house for the first time this month. It had been a few weeks and the corn has been cut, so it only made me mildly frustrated.

For the first time ever, I saw monks fighting at a holy site in Jerusalem on the news. It's not something you see every day!

It's now time to move on and get ready for the day. It starts with a first time meeting with one of the Executive Directors from LCBC as we talk about Org charts, Church Finances and Multi-sites at the Brickhouse.

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