Tuesday, November 11, 2008

People and a great big God!

It's Tuesday night and I'm getting ready to head into my final meeting of the day. Today has been a day of many discussions relating to many different facets of Grace Ministries. Through my many discussions today, I came to realize that every single one of them involved people and real life stories of living life on planet earth.

My day started at Spill the Beans where I enjoyed coffee and some good conversation with a friend. Of course, our conversation revolved around our families, our jobs and life in general.

I then moved into a meeting with our Human Resource Manager and talked about an array of HR related issues. Of course, anything to do with HR relates to people and their lives.

I then moved into a meeting with the two directors that serve our Children's' Ministry. Again, everything we talked about always came back to people, families and the real lives we were ministering to on a weekly basis.

As the morning moved on, I spent a bit of time talking with some staff about a funeral taking place this Saturday at the church. This too involved people and families grieving the loss of a loved one.

From there, I moved into a meeting with my Office Manager to talk about a cell phone need I have. As we discussed options, I came to realize that this too relates to people as I look to stay connected through modern day technology.

Shortly after this, I spent a few hours speaking with our Pastor of Connections about... you guessed it... people. We wrestled with how we can connect people with God and each other as we strive to build Biblical community at Grace.

I then moved into a late afternoon meeting to discuss a contract with an outside company we do business with. As we discussed the future of this contract, I came to realize that our decisions impact not just an organization but real life people who work under this contract. With each employee comes a story and life realities that must not be overlooked.

Well... time to head off to my final meeting of the day.... just returned from my final meeting of the day and once again it was about people.

My final meeting of the day was with our Worship Design Team and we were talking about the January sermon series that addresses our Biblical response to those in authority over us. This meeting was very much a call to honor, respect and pray for the people God calls us to be subject to. This is anything but easy at times as we are not always in agreement with those in authority over us, but it was a good reminder that they are people too who need Christ and have their own stories that have shaped the lives they lead today.

As I prepare to head home, I cannot help but think of all the lives and people that were represented in my many meetings today. Every day I catch glimpses into the complex and sometimes hard lives people live while doing life on planet earth and it could get overwhelming. I'm convinced that I can lay my head and sleep well at night because of a faithful God that loves and watches over us. He is Sovereign and over all people and is more than capable of handling every life and story that comes across my office in a day. I rest in a God who never slumbers nor sleeps as I close out my day with Psalm 121. Thank you Lord for who you are!!!

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