Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Memories: Atari & Zamboni's

There have been some Lexus commercials on TV this year that have me reminiscing about my childhood at Christmas. They are great memories that make me realize yet again just how fast time flies and just how much things change.

The Lexus commercial has got me thinking about the Christmas my brother and I received our first Atari. We loved that gaming system and would spend hours playing PacMan, Centipede, Asteroids, Space Invaders and many other games. As the years went by, we then moved into getting our first Nintendo which we thought was the best it could ever get. Times sure have changed when I think about the gaming system my kids now use! But... I would give anything to get my hands on an old Atari system and play a few of the games just for old times sake.

Another fond memory revolves around our yearly renting of an arena for one hour where we had the ice surface all to ourselves as a family. There was a tiny little town that had a small arena that we would go to either the day before or after Christmas and skate our hearts out for a full hour with no one else around. It was wonderful to have those family hockey games. It's a tradition we've done a few times with our kids, but getting ice time in Canada is getting more and more difficult as well as costly. But there is nothing like watching the eyes of child light up as they watch and sit on a Zamboni for the very first time!

It's also been fun to think about the many family gatherings that occurred as I grew up. This too has changed as family members age, pass on and move away. But as the generations go by, it is fun to begin my own traditions with my kids and their grandparents.

Sometimes I've been known around my house as a bit of a Scrooge as the commercialization of Christmas drives me absolutely nuts. But it is memories like the ones mentioned above that revolve around times together as family that makes me smile over the holidays. The greatest gift I get every year is celebrating the birth of our Saviour with a family that loves Him and loves each other. No present from the mall could ever replace that!

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