Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Great Hershey CandyLane Message Surprise!

Tonight we continued with a fairly new Christmas tradition in the Auld home and went over to CandyLane in Hershey for the third straight year. We love to grab the Holiday Four Pack and head over for some rides and Hot Chocolate.

When we arrived, we got our bag of kettle corn and hit some of the rides that the kids and I love to go on right at the beginning of our evening (Susan's stomach can't handle the rides that just spin round and round...). While we were waiting in line for one of the rides, Susan discovered that there was a show playing and we decided to go to the 6:30 showing.

As we settled in, the show started with some fun holiday music that the crowd really enjoyed. It then moved into a story about a mother, daughter and grandfather wanting and waiting for their father to return home from the war for Christmas. The story is centered on Christmas Eve and the grandfather reads a number of fun Christmas stories like Frosty and Rudolph that are all acted and sung out in a creative fashion.

BUT... I got the surprise of my life when we hit Christmas morning in the production and the mother insisted they read the most important Christmas story ever told. They then proceeded to read about the birth of Christ from the Bible and one of the singers sang "Mary Did You Know" as they acted out the Nativity scene. I was both floored and excited all at the same time. I never in my wildest dreams thought a major amusement park would build the Biblical story into their one major Christmas production. It was really wonderful! The story also ended with the father returning from war on Christmas morning to be home with his family.

As we walked out of the show, I thought to myself... "I wonder how many anti-war and anti-Christian/Christmas people that production just offended???" Oh well... there was at least one family of four that thought it was a great show with a great message in a place I did not expect! Great Job Hershey Park!

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Tina said...

We had a similar experience at Dutch Wonderland. They had a nativity scene set out. And Pastor Scott would have been proud, they didn't have the wise men!!!