Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Meaning behind my new Tim Horton's Mug

As I mentioned in a previous blog (which was over 5 days ago... oops) I purchased the latest Tim Hortons Mug from my favorite coffee shop in Canada. Every few years, this large corporation will put out a new style of mug right around the holidays for guys like me who can't resist making the $7 purchase (which isn't bad for a mug and it comes with enough coffee grounds for one pot).

But the real question is... Why do I get so excited about a mug? Here are three of my primary reasons for my love of the mug.

1) I collect coffee mugs. Whenever we go on a trip somewhere, I don't by t-shirts or other trinkets, I buy a coffee mug. I keep some of them on display in my office.

2) I love to drink coffee. As an individual who drinks coffee for the better part of a day, I need mugs to drink out of. The reality is that the mugs I collect I also use for a season until I get tired of it and make a change to another one.

3) Each mug represents a fond memory. I have numerous memories regarding Tim Hortons in Canada, but here are just a few.
  • In my previous church, we had a Tim Hortons coffee shop within walking distance. On at least two mornings a week, I would walk into my office and there would sit a large cup of coffee. The two maintenance guys would take turns once a week buying me a coffee and for that act of kindness I will always be thankful and have a fond memory of those two guys.
  • It was a Tim Hortons coffee shop my pastor buddy and I would go to talk ministry and re-calibrate after long ministry days. The atmosphere at a Tim Hortons is one where you sit down with good friends at any time of the day and just let it all out over a hot cup of coffee.
  • It was the place where every Tuesday morning I would have breakfast with my kids. At our previous church, my Tuesday morning routine included a very early prayer meeting. Susan would then bring me the kids so she could get to her early staff meeting at the school where she taught. Every Tuesday morning for over a year, my kids had a donut and hot chocolate for breakfast. Those Tuesday mornings still make for many wonderful conversations and memories in my home today.

That's why I love my new Tim Hortons Mug!

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