Monday, January 5, 2009

Gold Medal Hockey Night in Canada

Every year, Christmas and New Year's brings something special to those of us who grew up in Canada. It is the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) Jr. Hockey Tournament. It's great hockey that sees teams made up mostly 18-19 year old future NHLer's who gather from all over the world for this tournament.

Tonight was a special night as Canada played Sweden in the gold medal game. They were playing to tie their record of winning five years straight. One of the special elements to this years tournament was Canada's semi-final win against Russia where they scored a tying goal with just a few seconds left in the game. From there they went on to win the game in a shoot out which catapulted them into the gold medal game. There was a lot of cheering and screaming from the lazy boy that night.

Tonight's game was incredible as Canada won 5-1 (they had a few empty netters at the end) to the cheers of the home crowd as this years tournament was in Ottawa Canada. It was one of those nights that was just plain fun for a hockey fan as these kids play their hearts out for their respective countries.
It's true... I'm a pastor who likes to present himself as somewhat composed when it comes to life, but honestly... it's just a whole lot of fun to cheer and yell at the TV when your hockey team wins! O Canada...

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