Sunday, January 11, 2009

Live Webcast @ Grace?

This past week, I enjoyed watching Perry Noble and Tony Morgan from NewSpring Church do a live webcast on Thursday afternoon. As I watched the live feed and the live questions being asked, I thought to myself "we can do that!" So... I immediately got some of our staff looking into what it is going to take for us to do this in either March or April of this year. The good news is that they feel we can do it and do it well which is very exciting to me.

Now... why do it? Great Question... I'm glad you asked!

1) I believe that technology can be used to reach and touch the lives of people that could never be reached before. It's true that the Internet and technology can be used for evil means, but we must never overlook the importance of utilizing whatever we can to Meet and Move as many people as possible.

2) I believe that continually communicating our passion, vision and purpose on a regular basis in different formats is crucial. It is crucial because we all get so easily distracted and need a constant realignment with what God is trying to do in and through us. It is also crucial to use various formats as people have different learning styles.

3) I believe that Grace Church has its most exciting days ahead of us and Pastor Scott and I can't wait to share our vision for Grace during the month of March. Now I realize that some of us on staff have had more time to sit and chew on the future of our ministry, so we are wanting to provide a forum where others can also interact with our Sr. Pastor in real time to catch his passion for the future of Grace. A LIVE WEBCAST can help us do this.

So, here's how you can help... take some time this week to start spreading the word that Grace Church is looking to do a live webcast in the Spring so as to interact with our church family and communicate our vision for the future to our community in real time while you enjoy the comfort of your home.

Ah... it's fun to dream and think about the future together with you as we expand our capabilities for meeting and moving! I don't understand all the technology involved, but I think it's cool and can't wait to keep utilizing more and more of it!

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