Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Daughter's Baptism and other Special Moments (Part Three)

A week has nearly gone by since the baptisms last Sunday, but there were still a few other moments that I'll remember for quite some time on top of my daughters baptism.

Moment # 1: It was wonderful to see a few families get baptized together.

Moment # 2: I think in all my years of pastoral ministry, the water during the second hour was the coldest I've ever felt it.

Moment # 3: It was really cool to get a great big hug from one the individuals baptized after the service as tears of joy rolled down his face.

Moment # 4: I was filled with joy to see around 20 kids from the Elevate Praise team make their way up to the auditorium to watch their praise leader get baptized.

Moment # 5: I was thrilled to hear the testimonies regarding the difference Small Groups was making in the life of a family.

Moment # 6: It was wonderful to hear an individual was taking the step of being baptized because they believe with all their heart this is the church God wants them in and they want to become a member here along with their spouse.

Moment # 7: I found out that as I shed my tears when baptizing my daughter caused other grown men to cry!!! I think that's the first time I can claim that. Thank you Lord that I wasn't the only one that day!!!

As I reflect upon the past week, it makes me thankful to have the opportunity to serve as a pastor here at Grace as moments like these carry joy and benefits past anything this world could ever offer. I love baptism Sundays!

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