Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day could have sucked...

It's Valentine's Day and I've just had a few wonderful reminders of what my lovely wife (Susan) means to me.

The first reminder came yesterday morning when I flipped the news on and saw that a plane had crashed 5 miles outside of the Buffalo airport. This was somewhat sobering in that the airport I have used most in my life is the Buffalo airport and that flight pattern shown on TV was one I had done many times.

In fact, last year I returned from a conference to have my wife and kids pick me up at the Buffalo airport as they had spent some time with my family in Niagara Falls. I couldn't help but think of the heartache my family would feel if they were there waiting to pick me up and then the news about a flight down came in. Never must a day go by without telling my wonderful wife how much I love her as there are a number of spouses who lost their Valentine late Thursday night in Clarence NY.

The second reminder came just a few short moments ago when I received a call from my wife in tears. Calls like this always worry me as I wonder what news is about to follow. She proceeded to tell me that her and the kids got caught in the middle of a police chase on the way to K-Mart. As she sat ready to turn, a speeding car with three patrol cars in pursuit came out of no where with the speeding car missing our mini-van by a hair. She honestly thought the speeding car was coming right through her driver door. WOW... none of us know what a day holds.

These reminders have me very thankful for yet another day to enjoy my wife and marriage. Every day I get to spend with my Valentine is truly a gift from God that I far too often take for granted. This year, no card can express what I'm feeling right now as I can't wait to leave my office, go home and give my wife a big hug and tell her I love her.

One final thought: Losing the love of my life on Valentines day would really suck! Maybe I'll put that in a Hallmark Card some day...

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