Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ruined Coffee Pot & Tim Hortons vs. Dunkin Donuts

What a day Thursday was!!! I ruined a coffee pot in the office. Now as a die hard coffee drinker, I took this very hard and felt the need to confess this to the rest of our church staff. I offered up my confession via email and then asked for ideas on how I might find coffee absolution in light of my coffee sin.

I felt confident doing this with our staff as they definitely know how to LOL and I figured they would have great ideas. Boy... was I wrong about the LOL thing!!! I received a total of nine suggestions on how I could find rest for my soul in light of the ruined coffee pot. Here are my top three favorites.

Third Place: I think a staff field trip to the nearest Tim Hortons for a “Timmy’s Run” may do the trick! (This one I appreciated. I think before I took the staff though, I'd have to do a test run on my own!)

Second Place: I would think just dealing with all the annoying response emails to your initial plea for forgiveness would be punishment enough. If that does not satisfy your guilt, Roma pizza for the office should work. (Why did all the requests somehow involve me buying food and/or drink for the staff? Don't these people eat before they come to work?)

First Place: You cannot drink coffee during Lent (Ash Wednesday is next week). That’s what you’ll “sacrifice”… And you must purchase Dunkin Donuts (real coffee, not that Tim Hortons junk) for everyone one day. (OUCH… This one hurt enough that once I'm done crying someones going to get fired.)

All in all, we had a lot of fun around the office with this simple little thing. I must confess, I love serving at Grace and I love serving with this team at Grace. Amongst all the pressures of the day, it's great to share some laughs and sarcasm together! I do have an idea on what to get this team though since they all wanted something from me so bad!!!


Andy Spade said...

Tim, I'll be your driver on the Tim Horton's run!

Pastor Tim said...

Andy, you're in if you agree to buy the first round.