Friday, October 9, 2009

A Quiet Night by the Fire

As promised in my last blog, here is my Friday post. It's a little later than I had anticipated posting, but it's been a nice relaxing night. Let me back it up a bit and share why my quiet night by the fire was just what I needed...

I've gone at it for 13 days straight and to be honest, I was feeling kind of grumpy by the time I left the office today. There was no particular reason, just feeling a bit tired and ready to rest my brain for a while. My afternoon was good, but it was busy as Susan and I grabbed lunch, did some shopping, prepped the house for my brother and his family's visit, picked up our daughter, went to watch a soccer game with my son, grabbed dinner and then came home. By this point my eyes were burning from weariness and I decided it was time to recalibrate before our company came.

With this in mind, I headed outdoors to our patio and fire pit and lit a fire. The coffee was brewed and my wife and I just sat outside for about an hour together and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. I thought it was going to rain for a bit, but it held off and the solitude of sipping coffee, petting my dog and chatting with my wife was just what this weary soul needed. I'm still tired and ready for bed, but my heart is feeling much more settled than earlier and I've been reminded yet again of the importance of biblical rest.

I also need to post about the great gift I got and I may not wait until next Friday to do so...

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