Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Personal Goals (Part One)

Every six months, the Grace Ministries team works through a time of reflection as we evaluate and discuss how well each team member is fulfilling our character, competence, chemistry and courage standards. Part of this process also includes having each team member set some personal and professional goals. I am looking to take the next three posts to share what my goals are as I move into 2010 as a Christ follower.


1) Identify a Ministry/XP Leadership Coach/Mentor

One of the most exciting and scary thing for me daily is giving leadership to a fast paced growing ministry. I am being called upon to lead through seasons and scenarios of ministry with a larger team than I've ever lead before. For the most part, I'm feeling really good about what God is doing in and through me and this team, but there are days I must confess that it would be really nice to talk with someone who has already walked the path I'm walking. Therefore, I'm committed to finding someone who would be willing to invest themselves into me as the XP of Grace Ministries so as to give me longevity and success in this current role. My deisre is to become all that I can become in Christ so as to bring glory to Him.

2) Intentionally Establish Time in My Calendar for Building into my Leadership Team

I am determined to continue building time into my schedule whereby I can intentionally build into those who serve in leadership within our ministry. One of my favorite things to do in life is build into the lives of others so as to see them become all that God would have them become. But, as with any leader, I constantly fight against the "tyranny of the urgent." There is always something or someone pressing in on my schedule and it becomes very easy to lose sight of my need to build into my team. I recently heard Andy Stanley talk about the importance of building "margin" into our schedules so as to be intentional about making time to serve others. Thus I am committed to becoming a master of my calendar rather than the calendar becoming my master!

Next post I'll address the first of my two personal goals over the next six months.

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