Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Personal Goals (Part Three)

Personal Goals

2) Tangible Exercise Routine

Today I make my final post on my last personal goal over the next six months. It relates to exercise. Now I am a fairly active person based upon the pace I keep in life. I am always on the go with either work or the kids and have very little time to sit on my duff (except that's what I do all day in the office). For the most part I also eat fairly well. I am the type who generally doesn't over do it and eat very balanced dinners that always includes the main food groups.

BUT... I am beginning to hit an age where I feel the bones and joints beginning to resist some of the activity I used to engage in with very little effort. I am beginning to notice that the muscle in the belly is just becoming a belly. So... I have determined to take some tangible steps in making sure that I am working towards establishing a regular exercise routine to keep the ticker ticking and the fat away.

In Conclusion...
So there you have it! My personal goals for the next six months. I was a little hesitant to post them publicly, but decided it couldn't hurt to have a few more people keeping me accountable as I want to take seriously my desire to keep growing and maturing as a follower of Christ.

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