Friday, November 6, 2009

My Personal Goals (Part Two)

Last week I began the process of sharing what my two professional goals were for the next six months. Begining with this post, I will now share the first of my two personal goals.

Personal Goals:

1) Grow in my Understanding of Wisdom by Studying Proverbs 1-9

This goal has been birthed out of the following three reasons;

First, I have been growing frustrated lately with the fact that my current role in ministry is heavy on the administrative side. Now don't get me wrong... I believe I have the spiritual gift of administration which has me functioning in my sweet spot daily. BUT... I also believe I possess the spiritual gift of teaching which in turn has me desiring long periods of time (i.e. 1/2 a day) of quiet pouring into a portion of Scripture with all my books cracked open so as to grow and learn. Thus, a few months ago I began praying that God would lead me to a passage of Scripture to work through in greater depth over the next few months.

Secondly, I have been desirous to try studying the Bible deeper in a different way. Over my many years of ministry, I normally hit a passage of Scripture through the preparatory lens of my training. This means that I normally study a passage with the intent of producing a three point sermon all based upon the one big idea! With this one, I am not looking to produce sermon outlines on my computer with nice bullet points and highlights. I am looking to get myself a journal and pen (that's right the old fashioned way) and journal my unfiltered thoughts, insights, challenges from this study so as to capture in writing what God is doing in my heart through this portion of the Bible.

Finally, I believe God has lead me to Proverbs 1-9 for two main reasons. First, I am constantly praying for wisdom based upon the promise of James 1:5-8 for both myself and the team I serve with. I am desirous to grow in my understanding of this Biblical wisdom we pray for so often around our office so as to share what God is teaching me to those I serve with as well. I have also been doing a lot of thinking about a concept from Andy Stanley entitled "The Principle of the Path." It speaks so powerfully to the truth that the path we choose to walk leads to certain outcomes. Thus, I am committed to walking the path of Biblical/Godly wisdom so as to continue seeking to finish well the race God has me on.

For any who read this blog and are desirous to pray for me through this endeavor, I would appreciate it!

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