Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Brief Trip Down Memory Lane...

Today my wife and I headed into downtown Philadelphia with another couple to enjoy some cheesesteaks and do some filming for church. It was freezing cold, but it has been years since we've traveled into downtown Philadelphia apart from taking in some sort of sporting event. As we drove around, we couldn't help but take a trip down memory lane from our Philadelphia Biblical University days when we would often head into the city.

So here are a few of the random memory lane thoughts that went through my mind...

We laughed about the "fresh, warm" pretzels sold on the street corners of the city and the news story back in the early 90's that made me swear to never eat a soft pretzel again.

We celebrated what a powerful impact our days at PBU had upon our lives which has shaped the very couple we are today for the Lord.

We gave thanks for parents & grandparents who faithfully sacrificed incredible amounts of resources to see us successfully graduate with degrees in Bible so as to serve the Lord well.

We thought all about our fun dates to the city that saw us taking in ball games, the aquarium in NJ, dinner cruises, ice skating and standing on the steps of the old spectrum at 1:00 AM. (That's a whole other story...)

We laughed hard about the guys at US 1 Pizza that made the best pizza after they had enjoyed a few beers. It's true... the more beers these guys drank, the better the pizza.

All in all it was a fantastic day of looking back and celebrating God's goodness in our lives. We may not have the fanciest cars, biggest home or much money in the bank. BUT... how blessed to be serving Him together as a couple. How blessed to have been raised in families that have sought to pass on the legacy of faith. How blessed to be in a wonderful marriage. How blessed to have our health and two wonderful children. How blessed to be children of the living God. I pray my kids will one day be able to sit and reflect upon their lives with laughter, joy and a sense of God's incredible work in their lives.

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