Monday, January 4, 2010

A great couple!

(Emma, Maggie, Debbie Hocking and the Chateau cat)

One of the highlights for me on this trip was getting to hang out with Jay and Debbie Hocking who took over for Marlin and Sue Weaver at the Chateau in St. Albain. I met this young couple shortly after I arrived at Grace as they were visiting churches and raising support. I didn't know much about them before this trip, but came away with a new appreciation of who they are and what they do after this trip.

I mentioned this about the Becker family in a previous post, but I want to say it again about this couple. We at Grace Church are blessed to be partnering with a couple like this who serves the Lord with excellence. I was impressed over and over again with their servants heart as they never seemed to tire of serving and encouraging others with their actions. They in many respects are missionaries to the missionaries as they use the Chateau ministry to support and encourage those serving Christ throughout Europe. I cannot help but get excited about the fact that we at Grace Church are seeing those connected with our church meeting and moving others all around this world.

I look forward to hanging out with this couple again someday as they were a true joy to be around!

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Jill said...

Tim is not exaggerating! Jay and Debbie are an amazing couple...the kind of people you want to live next to, have your children hang out with...and most importantly, be the ones on the front line for Jesus. When I "grow-up" I want to be just like them. Grace Church is so very blessed to be able to say that we are part of their team. PTL!