Thursday, August 7, 2008

Growing as a Leader

I had the privilege once again of attending the Leadership Summit hosted by Bill Hybels and Willow Creek. I'm most appreciative of the opportunity to attend and grow as a leader. Day one is over and here are some succinct statements/thoughts on how I was impacted by each speaker.
Bill Hybels: The High Drama of Decision Making
"Do you reflect enough upon the processes/axioms you use to make decisions?" Bill gave me pause to think about how prepared I am to make wise decisions daily. Am I mentally prepared at all times to make God honoring decisions because I have taken the time to continue adding to my vault of knowledge and experience? Worth thinking about!
Gary Haugen: Just Courage: Charging the Darkness
Gary spoke passionately about our God of justice and our need to stand against the injustices present within this world. The statement that most stuck with me is that we must "lead in the things that matter to God." Good thought that I can easily derail from.
Bill George: Finding Your True North
Bill made a comment that caused me to reflect hard upon how we must lead people in the 21st Century. I believe he is right in stating that "people want to have meaning and significance in what they do" which means I must convince people that giving themselves to the work of Christ and the local church is worth it.
Wendy Kopp: Stand Up and Lead
Wendy was interviewed by Bill Hybels and I enjoyed it immensely. The one thing that stood out regarding Wendy was her absolute passion for her Teach for America organization. Her passion to eradicate educational inequality was inspiring. It once again gave me reason to pause and reflect upon my passion for Christ and the local church. Does my passion for Christ cause me to take risks and give my all for Him. It should!
John Burke and Efrem Smith: Leading in New Cultural Realities
These two men both spoke well on how they each seek to lead in a post modern, post Christian, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, global, emergent and technological savvy culture. Many good thoughts presented worth thinking about as the church is called upon to engage this culture.
All in all, it was a great first day and I look forward to hearing tomorrow's speakers. I am most excited about hearing what Chuck Colson has to say regarding our need to defend the faith.

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