Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boys Night Out!

Last night my son and I enjoyed a night out at the Phillies game with another father - son duo. This game was special in that my son and I always enjoy trying to take a Toronto Blue Jays game in when we head up to Canada to visit family in the summer. We also enjoy trying to get to a Phillies game every year as well. This year, the Blue Jays were scheduled to be out of town on the weeks we were to be up there, so we decided to take a boys night out and kill two birds with one stone and take in the Phillies playing the Blue Jays. We had a great night even though it rained as we enjoyed overpriced hot dogs and cheese steaks. My son and I also enjoyed watching the Blue Jays beat the Phillies by a score of 7-1. We'll see what happens today as the Jays-Phillies close out their series.

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