Thursday, June 25, 2009

God's Doing Great Things!!!

I'm feeling a little tired today, but I can't wait to come back to church again tonight for our 4th evening of Vacation Bible School here at Grace as God's doing great things! Here are the highlights so far for me...

  • I love all the high fives, giggles and laughter that go along with 400+ kids pumped up and excited to be here every night!
  • I love it when the kids come up to me so as to make sure I've met their best friend who they have brought to church for the very first time. How cool is it to see our children meeting and moving!
  • I love watching all of our volunteers! Before this week is over there will have been over 160 volunteers give themselves to this cause. That's awesome!!!
  • I love that 15 children trusted Christ last night to save them from their sins. There is something very special about the simplicity and sincerity of a child's faith.
  • I love that at 10:00 PM last night I received a text from a parent who just had the joy of leading their child to Christ as they went to bed because of what they heard at VBS.
  • I love that the kids are filling a large tent with non-perishable foods to donate to a local food bank as they learn about the value of serving this week.
  • I love that our part time audio and media directors are here at the church every night with smiles and energy not because they have to be here but because they want to be here.
  • I love that the staff members who are participating in this week are not only a blessing to our church family but that God is blessing their socks off through their efforts.
  • I love that serving Jesus is not boring or dull. The energy, enthusiasm and joy of these kids and volunteers every night is contagious.

I sit here and give tremendous thanks for a gracious God who is using the Body of Christ here at Grace to accomplish His mission here on earth!!!

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