Friday, June 5, 2009

Rest in Altoona

It's been a crazy busy great week!

I know that's not the most grammatical correct statement, but it reflects how I'm feeling this AM. It is now Friday morning and I find myself sitting at Panera Bread in Altoona, PA enjoying some Wi-Fi, quiet and good coffee. I'll hit my final statement of change in my next blog, but here are a few other thoughts roaming through my head at present...

I love Free Wi-Fi! How cool it is to be able to get away from the office but actually accomplish just as much if not more in a remote (yes Altoona is remote to me) and relaxed setting.

I hate being sick. I came down with the cold my son got last week and I'm still suffering badly from it as it moves into my chest. I'm far too busy to be sick and I'm a grumpy patient.

I can't stop smiling about what God is doing at Grace. God is moving in incredible ways and I along with a great staff and volunteers are moving right along with Him. It's a ride that's hard to even put into words, but we are hanging on and enjoying every minute of it.

I just finished up with two Christian School graduations in one week and I was blessed to see a number of young people sent out into the world to make a difference for Christ. I'm thankful for Lititz Christian School and the impact their wonderful staff is having upon my kids lives.

I missed the first two periods of the Stanley Cup finals last night. Wasn't happy!!! Go Pens!!!

Looking forward to Sunday as this Chick Flick is an interesting one.

Not looking forward to Saturday AM - It's is Community Yardsale day and we have more junk (I mean priceless objects) to sell.

Time to go... We are taking my in-laws out for a late b-fast this morning before heading back home.

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