Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lessons from 108,000 People

Yesterday was one of those special days a father and son get to enjoy. I had the privilege of attending the Penn State game with my son Joshua, my friend Tim and his son Andrew. It was my son's first experience at a sporting event this large and he soaked it all in. He's somewhat reserved, so I'm not always sure what's going on in his head, but last night as we talked, he remembered and took in details I hadn't even noticed while grinning ear to ear.

As I came away from the game, here are a number of things that crossed my mind as I hit the pillow last evening;

1) I need to cherish each and every moment like that with my son as we need to enjoy our "guy" time together while we have the chance.

2) I hope the pattern of "guy" time is something that will continue far into the future even after he's left home.

3) Tropical storm Hanna could have made life at the football game miserable, but we were far enough west.

4) Tailgating is incredible. We don't do that at hockey games in Canada. I'm sure it has something to do with the subzero temperatures that have you running from your car to the warm arena.

5) 108,000 screaming fans is loud. The only use for a cell phone inside the stadium is for texting. Any phone conversation would be a mute endeavor.

6) The rally in the Bryce Jordan Center was fun. The band sure could get a crowd going.

7) The Nittany Lion is buff - that dude did 50 one arm push-ups during the rally and game. That's the last time I'll make fun of a mascot.

8) Oregon State's mascot is a beaver. That's not a very intimidating creature. Unfortunately, I can't make too much of a scene because that's also Canada's national animal. Not sure who came up with that one!?!?

9) I'm pretty sure there is quite a bit of underage drinking going on during the tailgate. The good news is that most of them sober up during the game as there is no alcohol within the stadium.

10) I always come away from these events wondering why we as Christ follower's get more excited about a football game then we do the worship of Christ. I'm pretty sure heaven's going to be as loud, fun and full of joy as Happy Valley was yesterday.

All in all, it was a great day of making memories with my son!


Andy Spade said...

Doesn't #7 contradict #8?

Pastor Scott said...

Come on, Tim, be a good dad and take him to an Ohio State football game instead!!