Saturday, September 20, 2008

Punch Buggy, Mustang Flicks and Family Time

I was recently driving with no one else in the car and found myself feeling rather lonely. I must confess that I usually enjoy my times of solitude with the music loud and the sun roof open to the heavens. But a small little VW known as a punch buggy in my home went by.

Now the reason I got feeling a little lonely was because in our home, we can spend quite a bit of time flicking and tapping whenever we see a VW Bug or a Mustang. (The flick is for the Mustang). There are days it gets a little long when the kids can't quite figure out who saw the car first with a brief disagreement to follow, but the noise and buzz of a family in the car is quite fun. In fact, Susan (my wife) and I love this game too. When it's just the two of us in the car, we play Kiss Buggy instead of punch. It's a win win when it's just the two of us for it doesn't really matter who sees the car first. I guess my loneliness was due to the fact that I just feel so blessed to have a fantastic wife and two great kids who love to hang out with me. I know I don't deserve this, so I just sit back and say THANKS GOD - You are the giver of all great gifts!

The great news is that I will forever view these two cars in very unique ways. Long after the kids have left home, I have no doubt that many wonderful family memories will come flooding back as Susan and I cruise down the road in our twilight years. What a great reminder to once again cherish every moment I have together with my kids even if its a short car ride to school or some extracurricular event.

The solitude is nice at times, but I'm growing to appreciate the buzz of a car full of family. The bad news is, my son is getting very quick at this punch buggy game leaving me with a sore shoulder at times!

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