Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Hightlights (Part One)

Highlight # 1: My sun roof was closed! A few days ago I was driving home and a bird flew right into the path of my car. It bounced off the hood up to the roof where it hit my closed sun roof. I'm pretty sure that if the sun roof had been open, I would have had a dead bird sitting in the passenger seat. I never thought having a sun roof would provide that much excitement. I was reminded of the truth that God's eye is even upon the little birds of the air which is used to teach us that His eye is even more so upon us.

Highlight # 2: The Ephrata Fair! I enjoyed a wonderful evening with my family on Friday night at the Fair. Each of my kids had a friend to hang out with which always provides me the opportunity to hold my wife's hand and hang out with my best friend. We had supper before we went, but enjoyed funnel cakes, candied apples with sprinkles and waffles with ice cream. The rain held off and we all left with smile's on our faces. It's always fun to people watch, but I always come away with an awareness of how many people need Jesus. There is much work to be done before His return.

Highlight # 3: Night of Worship! Saturday night was yet another powerful evening of worship under the leadership of Matt, our Director of Worship at Grace Church. It is an evening that always refreshes me in the Lord as we focused upon so great a salvation. Thanks for a great job Matt and worship team.

Highlight # 4: Baptism Sunday! Yesterday, I had the privilege of baptizing 14 individuals. As we wrapped up our series on the Antichrist, how powerful it was to finish the month of September with these individuals publicly identifying themselves as nothing less then devoted Christ followers who celebrate what God has done and is doing in their lives. To hear their stories always moves me as it is amazing the lengths God will go to rescue people from their sin to set individuals and families off on a path of life, hope, love and joy in Christ.

Highlight # 5 will pick up with the excitement that accompanied our baptisms which forced us to make a quick change.

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