Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Evaluating First Statement of Change

"Change is often unpleasant because it means surrendering what is familiar and leaving behind what we once valued."
I would suggest that this statement is more true than we like to admit. There is something very comfortable with the familiar (even if it's bad) as we have a tendency as humans to place value upon the things we find safety and predictability in. I'm not saying that the things we value are bad, but I'm convinced that this is true for us as humans because there is something within all of us that cries out for independence and self sufficiency. It may well be that change is unpleasant for us because it demands we surrender ourselves fully to Christ and His direction for our lives. Is it possible that change is unpleasant because we value what we can create and control more than the sufficiency of Christ in all aspects of our lives even amongst times of considerable change?
How many times have I missed what God is trying to do in my life because of my desire to hold on to what what I value (what I'm knowledgeable and comfy with) rather than press on into something bold and new because I'm fully surrendered to Christ?
How many times have churches grown stagnant and impotent because we hang out in the things we value (methodology we are knowledgeable and comfy with) rather than press on into something bold and new because we are fully surrendered to Christ?
Please note that as I write this, I do so with the full awareness that change can create quite a bit of discomfort as it leaves little time to fall into the trap of growing comfy and complacent in the things I know and control. But that's where I must commit to being a Christ follower and leader that values Christ's opinion and purposes for my life and His church more than that which has become familiar and comfortable to me (us).
The statement of change resonates deep within me as I have always been one who likes to be in control and change can really shake that up. But, may I (we) never become those who place such value upon the comfortable and familiar that we find ourselves surrendered to methods (concepts) of predictability that we miss out on what it means to be a fully surrendered Christ follower.
I'm convinced that God wants to do incredible things through the Body of Christ at Grace Church, but we must be a people willing to value Christ's call to us instead of outdated methods that we find comfort in. May we also resist being critical of change because we have placed value on methodologies we are comfortable with rather than being open to God's leading into change! That's why being fully surrendered unto Christ is essential for the Body of Christ followers at Grace. Familiar is good but change will lead us into greatness!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I've had to come back to this post several times this week..it is so well written and so true! Change is so very, very hard (in every aspect of our lives) and yet I need to focus (and anxiously await) what God has placed inside the wrapped gift called change...it's always a wonderful surprise...when will I learn to be patient and completely trusting?

Thanks for the post Tim--it was my lifesaver this week!