Sunday, May 24, 2009

Evaluating Statements of Change

I recently had the privilege of reading a letter by the president of Lancaster Bible College relating to some of the changes that the college is facing. As I read through his letter, there were a number of questions/statements that jumped off the page at me as I processed them through the lens of my position as the Executive Pastor of Grace Church.

Here are the three statements I would like to evaluate over my next three blog posts in light of all the changes Grace Church is looking to navigate through in the coming months.

"Change is often unpleasant because it means surrendering what is familiar and leaving behind what we once valued."

"Is our current structure the best structure to respond to the external and internal stimuli we are currently experiencing?"

"I pray that we will guard against the mindset of preserving a model versus fulfilling a mandate!"

These statements are well worth evaluating because the one constant we will all face in the coming months is change!

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