Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been a good day...

I know that every day as a Christ follower is a good day, but some days the circumstances of life just seem to make this journey on earth a little bit easier. Today was one of those days for me and here is why;

I started off my day with a good friend and had a wonderful cup of House Blend Coffee (a.k.a. Kick Ass coffee - I'm not kidding, that's the real name) at Spill the Beans.

I had a great meeting with my HR manager as we wrapped up the details for next fiscal year's health care plans. It's a good plan and I'm pleased with the direction our overall ministry is moving.

After this meeting, spent a moment thanking an individual from Grace Church who is volunteering a number hours a week within our ministry as an IT specialist. A big shout out and thanks to Mike Newman for taking this on. It is so cool to see God's people using their talents and abilities for this church and God's glory. That alone made my day!

I enjoyed a few laughs with our maintenance guys in my next meeting of the morning. I'd explain, but it wouldn't make sense. It's always good to laugh together.

In between meetings I spent a few moments with our new Finance Manager (Dennis Jordan) who spent his first day with us. It's wonderful to have his level of expertise on our staff and I can't wait to get him going full time on June 1.

I had a phenomenal meeting with Scott (Sr. Pastor) and Megan (Office Manager) and FaithHighway which is the company creating and designing our new website that we are looking to launch this Fall. It was an awesome hour long conversation and I can't wait for the next one on Thursday.

After this meeting I enjoyed a great lunch out with my wife. I was gone at 6:30 this AM and won't be home until around 10:00 tonight, so taking time out to spend with her is always a joy on a busy day like today.

Had a 1/2 hour to myself which was nice!

Enjoyed a 2 hour meeting with Scott and we had some wonderful discussions about the future of Grace Ministries. We are pumped at what God is doing and the staff He continues to bring around the table as we venture forward with great excitement and expectation.

Spent a few hours in my office, chatted with my wife, found out my home is completely repaired apart from the front door going on Friday and enjoyed a great laugh with our Sr. Administrator and Elementary Principal.

Just finished up with our employee health care meeting and I'm still excited and thankful regarding the health care we can provide our employees here within Grace Ministries.

I'm now getting ready to head into my final meeting of the night which is the Worship Design Team (WDT) meeting. This is always a fun, energetic and exciting one as we talk about past, present and future Sunday's here at Grace. I never tire of hearing how God is using His word and the many creative elements we utilize to meet and move people.

From there... I'm going home. It's been a good day of ministry and I continue to count myself blessed to be serving here at Grace!!!

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