Monday, May 18, 2009

My Confession and the Result! (Part 1)

I was a bad blogger last week in that I haven't posted anything since last Tuesday, but I got wrapped up in the following...

In an attempt towards transparency and in my desire to make my blog posts something my kids can reflect upon years from now, I have a confession to make. I have workaholic tendencies! I don't think that I've ever totally fit the definition nor will I ever completely confess to it, but I've had some people recently who are observing me from the outside and really care for me and my family speak some truth into my life on this issue. With that in mind, I determined this past weekend to take two entire days and devote them entirely to my family without checking email (not that I didn't try - but the remote access was down on Saturday) or thinking much about Grace Church (easier said then done). But, I was committed to getting some important and simple things done that poured into my family. So here we go...

Friday - I spent the day with my lovely wife. We enjoyed our Friday morning breakfast out together and spent some time working through our summer plans which will include three weeks of vacation visiting family, a former ministry and some good friends. Our travels will take us to Niagara Falls, Kincardine, Ottawa, Thousand Island region and Dallas. It was something that I had been putting off for a while in that gearing up for a few weeks away is hard for me.

Saturday - We decided to get into the van and drive to Baltimore for the day and enjoy the Inner Harbor. This would be a new experience for all of us. Here are some of the highlights of the day;

Slept in until 7:00 AM! That was a treat.

Enjoyed a good breakfast at the Cracker Barrel that was found by my trusty GPS that the entire family loves to play with and make fun of as she talks.

Had a few moments of panic as I realized the Preakness was being run just outside of Baltimore which had the potential of bad traffic. PTL we never had a problem.

Spent a wonderful five hours at the National Aquarium. That place was really cool!!! I loved watching my daughter snap pictures all day long of the big sea turtle. I enjoyed hanging out with my son who likes some of the creatures of the deep that the girls don't. We enjoyed the dolphin show and the kids and I enjoyed making fun of mom who hates (I mean hates) the reptile sections of places like that. All in all it was a great time together as a family as we admired the creativity and power of God through these creatures.

Enjoyed a tour of a WWII sub. We were actually able to climb down below deck and walk through it. The kids were fascinated at how brave men lived in service for their country in such tight, smelly and dismal quarters. It was a good lesson and reminder for all of us.

The day only got better as it went on and I reveal the ultimate lesson God taught me at a Sports Bar...

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