Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canadian elections, Gaither's and King Jesus

This past week was one that had me reflecting on my Canadian citizenship. I'm sure it had something to do with a visit from my brother who currently lives in Niagara Falls, Canadian Thanksgiving (this past Monday) and the Federal election that just happened on Tuesday.

Last night after a long day, it was fun to come home and not turn on CNN to see what the latest news is relating to McCain and Obama. I went straight to and begin to track the election results that started rolling in at 10:00 PM EST. In Canada, we have a parliament that consists of 308 seats in the House of Commons. Whenever a federal election is called, parliament is dissolved and the campaigning process begins. Now both are strong democracies where the people's voice determines who will govern, but there are many differences between a U.S. and Canadian election.

One difference is that people vote for an individual who represents their party in their particular riding (There are 308 riding's that represent the 308 seats in the House). You don't vote for the actual Prime Minister on your ballot. There are five major parties in Canada and if your party receives the most votes, that parties leader becomes the Canadian Prime Minister. This federal election saw Mr. Stephen Harper become Prime Minister once again with his Conservative Party winning 143 out of the 308 seats which gives him what is called a minority government.

One of the other huge differences is the length of the Canadian federal campaign. In this particular election, I believe the campaign trail only lasted 37 days. It's an intense 37 days and there are only 33 million people in Canada to be reached versus 300 million in the U.S., but the airwaves aren't littered for literally years of campaigning before the current administration is even close to being done. That's refreshing!!!

Although there are differences, I was glad the Conservative Party of Canada won (they are like the Republican Party in many respects) and I'm glad the U.S. elections are just a few short weeks away. BUT... the thing I was most thankful for last evening as my head hit the pillow is that my true citizenship is in heaven with a Sovereign God who is in complete control of our world. I have the utmost respect for the office of the President and Prime Minister, but I have a love and devotion towards the ultimate King of Kings and Lord of Lords that I'll never feel towards a human ruler. I'm so glad I'm a part of the Family of God (sounds like a Gaither song coming...) where there will be no elections in eternity. King Jesus is on the throne for good!!!


Pastor Scott said...

I thought Canada had a King!

Rick Glass said...

So Bill Gaither is the new Prime Minister in Canada?