Monday, October 27, 2008

Movin on Up and some Spiritual Lessons

Last week I mentioned that a number of moves took place within my family. I noted that a piano moved into my house, my grandmother moved into a nursing home and my in-laws moved into a new apartment.

I'm thankful for a great relationship with my in-laws and I'm glad they took this step of moving from their home into a brand new apartment complex where they will no longer have all the worries and concerns that go along with home ownership. As I think about the move they just made and the process leading up to it, a few thoughts come to mind.

1) The process of moving helps you clean out. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of stuff we North Americans have the ability to collect. Cleaning out is healthy as it removes unwanted stuff that so often clutters and disorganizes a home. It's a wonderful experience to have the Spirit of God and the Word of God clean us out at times. Isn't it amazing how we have the ability as humans to collect stuff (a.k.a. sin) that clutters our hearts. It isn't always comfortable to have God move us, but the clean out is needed more often than we may like to admit.

2) The process of moving helps you realize how greedy we can be as North Americans. Now don't misunderstand, I'm not stating that owning nice things is evil. But, isn't fascinating that almost immediately after we clean out, we need to start adding to our collection again. Moving has always helped me really think about how much stuff do I need to be happy. It's good to think about at times as we often forget how the majority of the world has nothing and the greed that drives us must be anything but pleasing to God.

3) Movin on Up! My in-laws moved into an apartment complex to the fourth floor. As noted within my previous blog about my grandmother, every year that goes by is another year we all move up one day closer to death. The Bible clearly teaches us that it is appointed unto man to die once and after that judgment. I'm just thankful that for each of us who are in Christ, it truly is a movin on up!

All these moves this past week has me understand yet again just how temporal this journey on earth really is. The days are short and there is much to be done for Christ. May our gracious Lord help each of us stay focused and fulfill the purpose for which He has created you and I!!!

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