Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Expedition, U-Haul and Memories

This morning I sit and look at a piano sitting beside my sofa where once a book shelf sat just a short week ago. It all began months ago when I learned that Susan's parents were moving and that we were getting the piano she had grown up with. I must confess that my enthusiasm levels were not as high as hers as I've moved piano's before (even little ones like this). Moving a piano ranks right up there with moving a sleeper sofa. My back aches just talking about it!

But... because we're in this thing called life together, we borrowed an Expedition from some good friends with a hitch, visited the ever trustworthy U-Haul (we only got bumped to a new location within the county once and the tires were only half worn this time), got the dog into the kennel and headed out onto the PA turnpike to begin the piano moving adventure.

Now I must confess yet another item of the heart. As the journey towards Altoona began, I noted that the traffic was busier than normal only to find out that it was Homecoming weekend at Penn State which left in me less that a great mood. But I did come to find out that if you want to change lanes with a large U-Haul trailer in tow, people move for you. I also enjoyed arriving in Altoona to find out that their football team was playing State College in the big Friday night game which also had tremendous crowds in the area. By the way... her parents and the piano live right across the field from the football stadium and their street becomes a virtual parking garage. Thus me moving the U-Haul into their yard by hand was nothing but joyful even though my large coffee from Sheetz had hit almost an hour earlier.

But here is the good news! The rest of the weekend went wonderfully. The piano move went without a glitch (for the most part) and we arrived safely home and have a wonderful family item sitting in our family room that carries many wonderful family memories for Susan.

As the weekend wrapped up and the Tylenol kicked in for my sore back, I took a moment to give thanks unto God for our family. Both Susan and I have a wonderful God honoring heritage for which I am very grateful. This piano is more than just an item, it represents the many memories Susan has of her mother and father practicing and preparing for the many ways they used the gift of music to serve within their local church for many years. It represents the times she shared with her mother as she practiced and learned to play the piano. It represents hours of family sitting around and singing and laughing together.

Now I have no desire to move a piano across the state any time soon, but I'm already grateful that it has become the place where my daughter practices her flute with Susan playing the piano at her side. My desire is that it becomes a place where new memories are created for my kids as the years go by even though it creates some interesting looks upon the dogs face as the music flows. But even that has provided the family with some good laughs in just a few short days! I wonder if my daughter's husband 30 years from now will lament in a blog about me when I give the piano to them because I ain't moving it again...

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