Monday, October 20, 2008

Moving, In-Laws, A Piano and 1 Timothy

My desire this week is to really return to the world of blogging and continue to capture my many thoughts "en route" for God as it is turning out to be an interesting week of sorts within my extended family.

This week has and will see a number of moves that impact my family and show forth the faithfulness of God through the seasons of life. Within a five day span, a piano has moved across the state, my in-laws will move out of their home of 40+ years and my grandmother in her 90's will most likely be making her last move before going home to glory. All these moves have sparked a number of memories and emotions that I will seek to capture through my blog this week. Even though these moves are all very different, I have a confidence that there will be one common thread that will be woven through each experience. I am sure that the common thread will be the gracious and faithful hand of God in each and every detail. His goodness, grace and mercy will most definitely be seen and experienced within the lives of His children through this week of transition.

My desire is also to share a few thoughts on my journey through the Pastoral letters. I've really gotten hung up on the 1st chapter of 1 Timothy as it is full and rich with much to ponder.

It's going to be an interesting few days amongst all the other "normal activities" that go into an Auld week, but I have no doubt some life lessons will be captured and stored away in my heart for future use as I get the updates on all these moves!

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