Monday, October 6, 2008

A Journey into the Pastoral Letters

I'm desirous as of late to return to the letters of Timothy and Titus for my own personal time in the Word. They are three books of the Bible that are familiar to me, but it's time to let the truth of these letters soak in once again as I ruminate on them for the next little while.

My reason for heading back to these letters is that they are "pastoral" in nature. They are letters of truth written to provide those giving leadership in the church wisdom and focus as they lead the people of God. I also love the intimate and personal nature of these letters. We catch glimpses into the heart of Paul (especially in 2 Timothy) as he prepares to pass the torch onto the next generation of shepherds (a.k.a. elders/pastors). Paul would have been a terrific mentor and I'm believing that this current journey through the pastoral epistles will be like having Paul as a mentor almost 2000 years later.

I share all this as I am desirous to log my journey through the pastoral epistles here on my blog. It won't consume every post, but I am looking to share some of the lessons of the heart I believe God will teach me while ruminating in these letters at this particular season of life. Looking forward to this journey!

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