Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adapting Organizationally (Part Two)

In my previous blog post, I briefly addressed some thoughts regarding how the church as an organization must be willing and committed to adapting in a rapidly changing world. Here are a few more thoughts on how I see that impacting the Grace Church staff.

We will continue to assess and evaluate our current staffing and systems with the above mentioned realities in mind. No good can come from hiding our heads in the sand from the cultural realities we face as a ministry/organization.

We will continue to create a culture amongst our staff that is more concerned with our four C’s (character, competence, chemistry and courage) then they are with comfortable and familiar systems that have grown obsolete.

We will continue to strive to get the right people around the table to provide the innovative expertise and cultural understanding of how to navigate and be successful in an ever changing culture.

We will continue to work with some of our current staff to create a culture that is open to organizational change in order to accomplish our vision plan. It is true that our Biblical foundation never changes, but the way we communicate/propagate its transforming message must always be open for discussion.

We will continue to intentionally unlearn and emotionally detach ourselves from the current organizational order of things in an effort to sell out to meeting and moving as many people as possible by becoming an organization that in its very nature is adaptable.

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