Saturday, March 14, 2009

Unleash Debrief # 2

Well I'm home and have spent much of Saturday relaxing and watching basketball. The trip home turned quite interesting when we "kinda" missed our connecting flight in Philadelphia. (AHHHHH!!!!)

I'm still processing all that I took in and will be sharing more thoughts on the Unleash conference and more specifically what I learned about multi-site ministries, but thought I would give a few pics and links for you to see some of what I experienced.
The two pics above were both taken at the Greenville Multi-site campus which was launched back in the summer of 2008. They are now running 2200 people over three services on a Sunday. They took and renovated an old 60,000 square foot grocery store and have an incredibly modern and functional facility.
The actually conference took place on the main NewSpring campus in Anderson SC which is about a 35 minute drive from Greenville. Sr. Pastor Perry Noble spoke twice throughout the day and his Chief Strategic Officer Tony Morgan blogged live during his talks. Check out the following link to see what Perry said.
In days to come I'll continue to unpack my thoughts and share how I believe what I learned will impact Grace Church and our community as we continue to meet and move!

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