Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unleash Debrief - Multi-Site Strategy

I've decided to share my notes on the multi-site strategy of NewSpring as is from the conference. I'll share them in two parts since it is quite lengthy. These notes create more questions than answers, but are the foundation upon which Grace will begin to pray and prepare for multi-site ministry as we move forward in our 5 year vision plan.

Multi-Site Strategy
March 12, 2009

Speaker: Tony Morgan (Chief Strategic Officer of NewSpring Church)

Greenville Campus:
Launched summer of 2008
Fixed Location (10 yr. lease on 60,000 square foot grocery store)
Total cost to launch = $ 5 million (includes facility renovations and all technology, lighting (2 million)
Sent out 800 people from the Anderson Campus
Currently averaging 2200

Florence Campus: (See notes on Launching a Campus – Breakout Session # 2)
Launched January 2009
More like a church plant
Totally Portable
Sent out Campus Pastor, Children’s Director, Worship Leader and Ministry Coordinator
Currently Averaging 330

Web Campus:
Launched early 2009
Tape 9:15 service on Anderson Campus
Show the taped service at 11:00 and 2:00
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There is a campus pastor
Currently averaging 550

Columbia Campus
Campus pastor already appointed
Marketing launch
Not sure of launch date (still learning how best to do this with long distance campus’ like Florence and now Columbia.

Why NewSpring go the route of Multi-Site?

Acts 1:8 (A Gospel Decision)

Financially Responsible (A Stewardship Decision)

Reduces Staffing Costs/Hires

Gets a gifted communicator in front of more people

Connecting People (People were driving long distances to attend one weekend service on Anderson Campus and were not connected apart from that – thus launch of Greenville campus)

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