Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Launching a Campus from Scratch (# 2)

Here are my concluding notes from the talk I sat through by Mike Brown (NewSpring Florence Campus Pastor) on launching a site from scratch:

3) Hang On!
Once you launch... Sunday rolls around fast every week!
You must have teams ready/willing to set up/tear down weekly
You must determine how weekly responsibilities will be divided amongst staff
You must commit to casting vision regularly and not just needs

4) Other Random Thoughts

The campus pastor must possess the DNA of the main campus and be committed to casting it regularly. He must be the protector of the vision when the church site is 100's of miles away.

All key volunteers must have the DNA of the ministry or the potential for division is a reality.

We recommend launching a site with a full children's ministry program and not student ministry. WHY? Because in 5-8 years a full blown children's ministry becomes the foundation for a solid student ministry.

KEY THOUGHT: Always look to give something new to the campus on a weekly basis no matter how small. Even the small celebrations go a long way when starting something new.

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