Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stay in the Game

Perry Noble wrapped up the Unleash conference by asking these four questions that all leaders must wrestle with. Thought they were great and worth sharing as they are things I wrestle with and chew on regularly.

1) Who is with me? (Exodus 33:12)
a) Sr. Pastor – Love your people and buy into them. They need to know you love them and are committed long term to them.
b) Staff – Satan wants to destroy the ministry by splitting the staff. Don’t let him get a foothold in your life in this area.
c) Staff – You must let the Sr. Pastor know you got his back.
d) You must build the culture whereby every staff member sees their role as more than a job. It’s a culture where together as team you do great things for God.

2) Am I pleasing You? (Exodus 33:13)
a) How can you lead people publicly if you’re not yielded privately?
b) Are you a prophet for God or just a prostitute?
c) Do I understand that ministry is received and not achieved? (2 Cor. 4:1)
d) Am I placing limits on myself that God has not placed on me?

Will we see You? (Exodus 33:14-17)
a) Are we providing an atmosphere for our people where there is conviction of sin?
b) What do you want more, attendance or repentance?
c) We must be committed to God going with us!

4) What’s Next? (Exodus 33:18)
a) Are you a leader ready to ask God this question on a regular basis?
b) Do you regularly ask God to show you His glory?

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