Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My American Girl EXPERIENCE

My family and I are currently in Dallas visiting family. This is my third time to the Dallas area and I always enjoy visiting the city. But this trip was going to be special because my daughter and I were about to "experience" something very special together. We were determined to make a visit to the American Girl store and live the experience.

As I walked around the store with my daughter, I became fascinated with what it was I was observing. All over the store were daughters carrying their American Girl dolls with huge smiles as they not only shopped but lived an American Girl experience. It became very apparent that parents were willing to pay big bucks (myself included) for their daughters to not just purchase some items made in China, but enjoy to its fullest what it was this brand had to offer. There were boutiques for the girls (I mean dolls) to get their hair done. There was a bistro where you could have lunch with your girl (I mean doll) sitting in a booster seat eating with you. There were multiple sections that dealt with every area of life that a little girl may want to live and their doll could live it too. In fact, my daughter got an American Girl t-shirt with Dallas on it and we had to get a matching one for her friend (I mean doll) Elisabeth.

This was more than the Auld family visiting a store... It was a brand that offered young ladies an experience and parents were willing to travel many miles and spend multiple dollars to give it to their children.

In my next post, I will talk about how I related my American Girl experience to the church...

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