Sunday, July 5, 2009

Temporary Empty Nest Lessons # 3

Moment # 3: Saying Good-Bye to My Son

This past week, Susan and I also said good-bye to our son who was heading off to North Carolina for a few days of vacation with a friend and his family. To be honest with you, I don't struggle saying good-bye to my son like I do with my daughter. It sounds sexist, but I think it's because he is a boy and he is almost 13. But it was the fact that he is almost 13 that caught me off guard a bit.

The final lesson God taught me this week is that I need to make the most of every moment I have with my kids for God because my time with them is short. God has entrusted my kids to me for a lifetime, but their real formative years are moving along very quickly and it won't be long before the natural desire of my kids will be to leave the nest and cleave to whomever their spouse will be down the road. So here's what I'm committed to continue doing;
  • I'm going to pray that God keeps them close to Him and that their hearts stay sensitive to God's leading in their lives.
  • I'm going to pray that God make clear how it is He wants to use them for His kingdom purposes.
  • I'm going to pray that God brings them together with the spouse of His choosing and that their spouses are godly.
  • I'm going to ask God to help me be the best spiritual example to them that I can be in Christ.
  • I'm going to try and take advantage of times together with them even if I'm tired.
  • I'm going watch for and seek to create opportunities to enjoy laughter and joy with them.
  • I'm going to be aware of the life lessons they need to learn to make it in this world and seek to teach and equip them to handle each of them in obedience and faithfulness to God.
  • I'm going to love their mother with all my heart so they know what a healthy marriage/home looks like.
This list is anything but exhaustive, but I'm committed to trusting God day in and day out to be a good father (steward of the children entrusted to me) for the time God has given me with them!

Susan and I enjoyed our empty nest and I'm grateful for some of the reminders/lessons learned throughout the week, but I'm glads we will all be home together again this evening!!!

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