Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation Recap # 1 - Recreation

As I noted in my blog post just before vacation, I have a firm belief that there is a tremendous difference between recreation and biblical rest. I’m not opposed to either one and believe with the right balance a great vacation can be had. Over the next few posts, I’m looking to recap some of the recreation and rest I enjoyed!


Played Thundering Waters Golf Course
I enjoyed playing this John Daly course with my brother, a good friend and a new friend. It beat me up good!

Participated in a Pipe Band Parade
I must confess that I love to listen to the bagpipes. I have a Scottish heritage and I love the powerful sound a large group of them give off. Every Saturday night in Kincardine ON, they shut down the main street and the crowd follows a large pipe band up and down the street with the band finishing the night off with a number of songs in the local park as the sun sets over the lake. I loved it!!!

Paddle Boat
I spent some time paddle boating one morning around Beech Lake with Susan and Emma. It was a perfectly calm morning out on the lake and we had a wonderful time together.

More to come in my next blog...

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