Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Special Post: You know you are a Megachurch When...

In the next day or so I want to continue my thoughts started in my previous post on my American Girl "experience" but I could not pass up the opportunity to make a brief comment on my family fun night sponsored by Prestonwood Baptist Church.

I know that churches are defined as a megachurch once you pass the 2000 mark, but I think I came up with a new way of truly defining a megachurch.

You know you are a "MEGA"Church when you rent out a large local water park for your church family every Wednesday night throughout the summer months. That's right... my family and I enjoyed a great evening at a full blown water park called Hawaiian Falls that was rented out by Prestonwood. This is a park that is set aside one night a week for the church. They had people from the church greeting, overseeing different give aways of Christian material and they gave every parent a devotional they could do with their children. I was also told that Prestonwood attendees are encouraged to bring along unchurched kids/families for the purpose of exposing them to the church family.

There is nothing about tonight's blog post that is meant to stir deep dialogue on the right or wrong of this church sponsored activity... BUT I'm pretty sure that I'm comfy with calling a church "mega" when they can rent out a water park and fill it weekly with 800-1000+ people.

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Rick Glass said...

Pastor Tim - maybe you and Susan can put a pool in your backyard and Grace Church could do this every Wed at your house!!

...actually, very cool ministry idea. That's reaching, and exposing alot of people I'm sure, to their church family and Jesus thru a that's cool!