Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Recap # 4 - Rest

Celebrated Dad’s Birthday
Since leaving for university, I’ve never lived real close to my family. Every once in a while the entire family is together for a birthday and this year was one of those years. It was really cool to see my mother all choked up with joy at her family being together for my dad’s birthday. God took this time to remind me how blessed I am to have the family heritage I have and to make sure I take seriously my responsibility to keep this blessed family heritage alive and well. If my kids can grow up to love Jesus, marry a spouse who loves Jesus and raise kids that love Jesus then I’ll be happy!

Spent a Sunday at the MET
My family and I enjoyed a Sunday at the MET (Metropolitan Bible Church) in Ottawa and were refreshed greatly. It is always nice to get away and see how God is at work in other ministries. This was also a fun visit in that they just moved into their new building 11 months ago and have already outgrown their new facility on many fronts. It is wonderful to see God drawing so many unto Himself using methods that are quite different than Grace.

Read/Thought about “Killing Cockroaches”
Great book with 100’s of leadership snippets that encourage the leader to keep focused on the main things without chasing cockroaches all day long. The book is worth the read!

REST – All in all it was a good time of rest and recalibration as God met me right where I was at through quiet times with Him, good reading, other ministries and His creation. It’s good to leave the desk and office and get out there to meet with Him in new and fresh environments.

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