Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Day of VBS in Spain

It is Sunday afternoon here in Spain and we are settling into our routine. I'll take a little time to write about our adventures in this blog and then post some pictures in a few other blogs.

Yesterday (Saturday) we left the Chateau in France and took a ten hour bus ride down to the Costa Brava hotel and coast in Spain. We arrived in time to check into our rooms and then sit down to a 2 hour dinner. The highlight of dinner was watching our children eat what they thought to be "onion rings" only to find out that it was deep fried calamari that looked like onion rings. It is a fantastic setting as all of our hotel rooms overlook the Mediterranean Sea. It was wonderful to see the sun rising over the sea as we awoke and ate b-fast looking out into it.

Today we held our first session with the kids and are having a great time with them already. They are a wonderful group of children who enjoy each other and are enjoying the short time they have already had with us. This afternoon as we were walking down the hallways before our evening session with them, we heard a number of the girls trying to sing the song and do the actions they learned this AM. It's going to be a great week!

Our team also had the privilege of spending the afternoon down at the Barcelona harbor which was also very nice. It is a large city that is full of activity as there were people everywhere since it was a nice 62 degree day on the sea. I was struck with the reality that as we watched and thought about all the people in this city, very few if any had given any thought to attending a church or living for our Savior. The need to see the Good News of Jesus spread is truly heart breaking the more we learn and experience. Pray that God would strengthen our missionary families serving in this very difficult field.

Well... time to move onto our evenings session with the kids and then on to another 2 hour dinner where we will see what surprises await us tonight on our plates.

Hope to post again tonight or early tomorrow. Enjoy the pics in the next few blogs.

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Pastor Scott said...

Hey Grace Team - We prayed for you this morning in church. Thanks for meeting people where they are (missioanry children in Europe) and helping to move them to where God wants them to be. We miss you!